Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why Are You Bothering Me?

It's Sunday night.  What a warm and fun weekend.  Saturday we had a day long Bar Mitzvah with a birthday party thrown in the middle.  Today Aden had his last Hebrew School of the year and Ariel finished swim.  I'm sad.  When she restarts swim after the Summer, she will be going in the pool without daddy.  I've really enjoyed the past couple of years.  Now I will be going in with 2 little boys!  Instead of Ariel and Nicky, it will be Noah, Eli and Christian!  We also went to the Bucks County Food Truck Festival today.  That was interesting.  More on that later.  

These are from early last week.  This is how I leave the babies when I go to work!
So my grandmother is talking to Noah.
And this is his reaction!  He knows her well already!
 Ribs.  Yum!
 Since we brought the Rock n Play's to the beach house, we had to buy 2 more.  These rock on their own.  
 Eli's turn to be tortured, I mean played with!
 Here are some outtakes from their 3 month shoot.  
 Eli smiled for a second.

 Ariel tries to keep up with the boys.
 And gets upset if they don't play with her nicely.

 Hey there Eli!
 Since it's been so nice, we have been trying to go for walks every day.

 This is our new neighbor.  Somehow her 18 month old ended up walking as Ariel took over the bike.  We like them.  We have a lot in common.  
 Hey cutie.
 I think we need a second mat.

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