Monday, May 18, 2015

New Neighbors New Playground

I promise more baby pics in the next post.  They are making lots of funny faces.  

Heading out to the playground with the new neighbors.  Even though the stroller has been great so far, now that we will be taking longer and more frequent walks, it's time for one with better wheels and suspension.  
 We walked over to Holland Elementary.  First the swings.
Then the new playground that was just installed.  That's John and little Alex with Aden.

 John was helpful.  I rested.

 Talking to other neighbors on the way back.  

 I like this one.

 I think this was the first time he played first base.  He did ok considering the lack of direction they are given.

 Lilly got there late and Ariel was excited.
 Piggy back rides!
 Aden is really into sliding now.  

 A little wrestling to celebrate another great game.

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