Thursday, May 7, 2015

Welcome Baby Anthony!

It's Thursday night, all the kids are asleep.  It's amazing how quiet the house can get.  It was a bit crazy tonight.  Melissa and Mark and Bev came for dinner.  Eva loves playing with her cousins.  It's really cute.  Burghy just wanted to play with me.  The nurse just got here.  Yay!  I need to speed this up so I can sleep!

Karden's party at the NAC was out of control.  It was Aden's whole class (and Ariel) for the pool and for laser tag.  It was almost a 3 hour party!
 First they ran around the party room.

 Aden came right from baseball.  He was too cool.
 Let's head down to laser tag.

Gina was 38 weeks pregnant here. I can't believe she let Ariel sit on her lap.
Baby Anthony was born today!  Everyone is well.
Back to the party.  It was our first laser tag party at the NAC.  
 The vests were huge.
 Getting last minute advice.
 Here we go!  It was kind of lame that it was just set up in the gym.
 Aden just ran around shooting everyone.  Not much strategy.
 While they were in there, Ava and Michael, our neighbors, played with Ariel.

 Back to the match.

 Then it was pool time.  The same type of party as last week.  First the test.

 Then it was 2 at a time for the obstacle course.

 No nosebleed this time!

 We watched.  Mommy and the babies were home.

 Aden did well.  He's pretty strong.  It's kind of boring though doing the same thing over and over.
 Back to the party room to eat.

 Ok, time to go home.
The boys spend a lot of time together on the play mat.
Alan and Ina came to meet the boys.
 Of course Aden and Josh went right to the Wii.
 Sloane played nicely with Ariel.
 Got the boys outside a little.

 Eli wanted to play Wii too!  Have a great weekend!

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