Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Buddies

Happy Memorial Day!  For those of you are fans of big posts, you will be happy this week.  Because I skipped Monday and because we are so far behind, I have some major catching up to do.  This may be shocking to some but we did not go to the shore this weekend!  This was pretty much the only time my entire life, besides my wedding weekend, I missed the shore.  We were prepared to go down Saturday but the weather did not look great and we really couldn't face packing for 6 and driving all the way there knowing we would be stuck inside most of the time.  We did miss out hanging with our parents but all the pictures I saw on Facebook people were in sweatshirts so I think we made the right decision.  We are not going to be able to go every weekend like we usually do.  It's just too hard, so we have to pick and chose the best ones.  

I might have mentioned that Noah and Eli are kinda sorta noticing each other now.  They stare and touch and smile and talk.

This was Aden's friend Finn's birthday party at the NAC.  A few weeks ago, we had the laser tag party there.  Super lame.  I really didn't believe there could be something worse till we had the Nerf party.  The NAC is really losing it.  They should stick to gym parties.  This was super dumb.
 Ariel came to keep me company but they asked her to join in.
 She's so little.  Funny.
 The gun only holds six Nerf bullets so you are constantly having to run back and refill.
 Ariel was on Jason's team.
 She got right into it.  She only wanted to shoot Aden.
 There he is.
 That's all I really have to say about this.  I got some cute pictures but I really don't think the kids enjoyed it.

 They had more fun after.
Some quick baseball shots.

 Ariel and Lilly.
 Hey girls, get off the bench!
Aden making a play.

 Back to the babies.  

 The crying shots can be just as fun as the laughing ones!

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