Monday, May 4, 2015

New Driveway

Tonight was one of those nights I love.  It was warm and the kids were all outside playing.  Aden and I practiced some baseball.  We even got to meet new neighbors.  I have tons of pics to share but not tonight.  Here are just a few.  Baseball last Wednesday.
 I love shots like this.

 Ariel helped Lilly with her homework.

 Babies, dogs and grandparents!
 One of the benefits of Amy not working.  I get to meet them for lunch.
 Thursday, Ariel and her class went to the Cannes Film Festival!  
 Dylan and the rest of the boys were very dapper.

 This one was in a tux!

 Mrs. Lynn loves to do Ariel's hair.
 They are back from Paris now and we got a really cute picture book of the whole trip.  I will have to figure a way to share it with you.  
 So for years, we had been toying with the idea of widening the driveway.  Everyone was always driving over the edges and tearing up the grass.  Friday morning, someone knocked at the door and asked if we wanted it done.  He had the guys and equipment right out front.  They were doing a neighbors and had time to do one more.  I agreed and it happened so fast.  They tore out the old driveway and built a whole new one in a couple of hours.
It's so luxurious to drive on now!

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