Sunday, May 31, 2015

Trying Out the Bumbo

It's Sunday night and we are back from the Shore!  We had a very nice weekend.  Got in some beach time, some pool time, some Juniors doughnuts and maybe just a bit too much sun. (several parts of my body are bright red!)  It was a lot of work but I think still worth it.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves.  Where was everyone?  More doughnuts for us!

Back to Memorial Day.  We drove out to Cherry Hill for Becky's 35th birthday party.  It was a big crowd but mostly from Becky and Larry's synagogue so we didn't know that many.  Ariel was too cool.
I don't know if the boys ever got out of their chairs.
Happy Birthday Becky!
Everyone posed for a picture.

We did talk to some nice people.
Ariel made a friend of course.

Ok Noah, time to head to the next party!
We drove back towards home to go to Ali and Todd's for a barbecue.  Any ideas on getting all 12 eyes looking at the camera?  I guess I will just have to wait till they are all old enough to bribe!
Lindsay and baby Nathan.
 The kids had fun playing.

Todd looks like he belongs in the Hangover!

They cooked a great meal!

I got a bourbon cake shipped in from Kentucky.  It was awesome! Ate it all week!

Me and the babies.
Nate showed off his Bumbo.

Aden made a friend.
The little ones went crazy for a while.
Hey Eli!
Eli's turn in the Bumbo.  He did well!

Thanks for having us!  Everything was great!

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