Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nothing Beats a Baby's Smile

It's Sunday night and I am exhausted.  I think I mentioned this weekend was going to be crazy and it was.  Saturday, I left the house around 10 and basically didn't get back until 7:30!  I was supposed to go out for someone's birthday but I just passed out around 8:30.  Thursday night both babies slept from 9-5 in their cribs!  Of course we had the nurse that night.  She definitely did not earn her money that night.  The last 2 nights though they got up a couple of times so even though I went to bed early last night, it didn't last long.  Today we saw some old friends.  It was the first Summer like day all year.  I just made myself a mint julep in honor of the Kentucky Derby yesterday.  Yum.

Chillin' in my bed.
We were supposed to have a game Monday night but the other team didn't show.  It was freezing so we only stayed a short time to practice.
Big hit!

 Sleeping in their room.
 If not quite in their cribs.
 The smiles are all around!  This is Noah.

 Eli is doing well with his head.

 Some Eli smiles.

 Eli was a little slower than Noah to smile but he caught up nicely!
 Playing out back.  The boys didn't want to be bothered.
 So they went up into their "fort."
 Ariel doesn't need the boys to have fun.

 Ok, I'm headed to bed.

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