Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Speed Limit 9 1/2

It's Tuesday night and my allergies are awful.  I'm not sure what it is but I'm waking up itchy and with no voice.  I've been taking Allegra but I also just took Benedryl so I better finish this fast before I fall asleep.  

I think this was last Thursday.  Noah seemed better again so off to the zoo!  (Yes, they are taking my glasses now)
We were here last year at the same time.  The Cape May Zoo is about 1/2 hour and a pretty amazing place.
These signs were everywhere.  Maybe we are missing an inside joke.
We got there about an hour after it opened and had to park pretty far away.

 The farm animals were cute.  I will spare you any animal pics without people in them.  We have all seen animals before.  
 The boys every now and then would stare at an animal.

 Of course Aden and Ariel wanted to feed them.

 The flamingoes kept stepping on the little birds.
 My dad came with us.
 Ok, just one animal pic.  The girl lion was up, the guy asleep.
 It was a weird day.  Hot some of the time and cold enough for a sweat shirt the rest of the time.
 Gotta love the giraffes.
 Ariel was fascinated by the alligator.

2 of my boys.

 Look who we ran into.  Larry and Becky!  I think we saw them pretty much every day so far!
 Who are you looking at?
 A quick ride on the carousel.

Next year when we come, the twins will be running all over the place!

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