Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

It's Thursday night, the night before Amy's birthday and two nights before our 10th anniversary!  What can I say.  Amy is the most beautiful, amazing, caring, loving, thoughtful, smart partner I could have wished for.  I love the family she has built with me and I look forward to the future.
This was after field day.  It was hot.  We all needed popsicles.  
 Water play on the deck.

 Then snacks.
 It was baseball picture day and festival.

 Getting ready for pictures.
 At least Aden isn't the shortest.
 Nice shot.
My slugger.
The Thunder mascot was around.
 Who are you talking to?

 We all headed to the game.  It was really hard to bring the twins as you can imagine.
 Some action shots.

They stay still for ice cream.

 Our newest camera person.
 Babysitter has it under control, we are out of here!
 We met up with 2 couples in Doylestown for a yummy dinner and even yummier snack.  Have a great holiday weekend!

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