Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Man of Steel

It's Monday night and Amy and I are back from Charleston South Carolina!  Yes, we got away for a much needed vacation away from the kids!  We could not have done it without the support of our family and babysitters with special thanks going to Amy's mom who stayed at our house and did an amazing job!  We picked Charleston pretty randomly and totally loved it!  Good choice!  I will share those pictures and stories soon.  I have to get through lasts weeks pictures first!

Our little princess.
 Music time!  Superman!
 We love this pic.  The babies are so silly.

 What hair on this kid.

 Playing songs with Nate.
 Me and number 3.
 Ali and Nate.
 Man of Steel
 Love those balls.

 Noah is a bit bipolar.  He's pretty much either laughing or crying.
 Enjoying the deck.
 Yes, the trains all ended up on the lawn.

 Let's go collect them.
 Baseball.  The second game in a row the other team did not show up.
 So we practiced.  

Ariel is being corrupted her grandparents.  Notice the M's on the picture?
 Oh no.  Amy and I would never take her there but she has convinced other to.
 The deck is finished!
 Going to enjoy it!
 Let's run up to school for the book fair!

 The babies of course ran off down the hall.
 They wanted to play outside.

 Ok, I'm going to sleep.  

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