Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Welcome to Charleston

It's Wednesday night and I'm finally ready to talk about Charleston. A few months ago Amy and I were getting very stressed over the kids and we decided we needed to get away for a weekend.  Amy had never been away from the twins so we wanted to stay relatively close.  We basically picked Charleston out of a hat.  We usually over prepare for trips but this time besides talking to a few friends that had been there, we went with no plans.  We were leaving a cold, rainy weekend for a nice, warm, sunny one!  We were also leaving our four kids in the hands of our families and sitters.  We hoped for the best!
 It was our first time flying together without kids in years.  It's hard to travel with kids in general but usually they are nicer to you at airport security.  We were worried about not having kids but we got right through.
 The Philadelphia Union soccer team was with us.  Amy had something to look at!

 First row!
 Bye boys!  Good luck!
 Our Hotel, the Wentworth Mansion, was an old house converted to a hotel just 20 years ago.  
 Only 20 rooms in the whole place.
 Our own patio.
 We explored and ended up on the roof.
 Our first view of Charleston!

 We went for a walk.   Here's the front of the hotel.
 King Street was a few blocks down.  That's where all the action was.
 Great shopping and such a cute town.
 Market Square.
We were told to go to Kaminsky's.

What to get, what to get.
Oh, I know.  A Heath Bar milkshake with rum!
Candy stores everywhere.
We brought a bunch of these home. I just had a bite.  Yummy.
Of course we did a little shopping.  Their lululemon had way more selection then any around here!
We got back to the hotel in time for afternoon snack and drinks.  We always felt like we were the only people there.  

We took an Uber to Edmund's Oust for dinner.

We were told we must get the peanut butter and jelly beer!
I have to say, it was quite yummy! (as was the rest of the meal)
Back to the hotel with a big moon.
Like I said, seemed like we had the place to ourselves.
Mel Gibson stayed here last week with his new baby.
Every night we got candy and the weather forecast at home and in Charleston.  

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