Friday, May 5, 2017

Break in the Deck

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Amy and I sure did!  But more on that later!  These will finish off last weekend.  While we were at the pool, my dad took Aden to his game.  Yes, I totally skipped it but Aden didn't mind and I needed a break.  It was the third game in 6 days.  
 That night we had some friends over to try out the new deck.  Lindsay thankfully gave us a break pushing the boys on the swings.

 It was a beautiful night to hang outside with great friends.

 So many kids but they all played really well together.
 Hey Eli!

 What's so funny guys?

 The kid's tables got a lot of use.
 Dessert time.
 We moved it inside.
 Just wanted to make sure I could prove I was there!
 I think Sammy took this.
Sammy and Jax discovered the pink Barbie cars!

 Thanks for coming guys!
 We did absolutely nothing on Sunday!  We had a quick visit from Gwen and Ev abut that was about it.
 Being silly at nap time.
 We met friends for dinner at Grandma's Grotto.
 Ariel and Avery get along well.
 Aden will join anyone playing video games.
 Good night!

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