Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Holland Field Day 2017

It's Wednesday night at 10:15.  I can hear Amy upstairs talking to Aden and Ariel.  What's up with that?  Here is a super long post.  Last week, Aden's school had Field Day.  

Good morning boys!
It was a hot day.  The kids were fine.  The parents complained a lot.  Here is the entire school.  So small.  Around 300 kids.
 The white team was ready to go!

 They had a lot of fun challenges.

 Tug of war time.


Aden wants more attention from his teacher.  It was cute watching him talk to her.

 Time to get wet.

 My star athlete!

 Proud mamma.
 Maura brought over the twins.

 Back to the games.

 I guess Aden was enjoying himself.

 Back to the water.  Now that is a fun teacher!

 Hey Ben!

 All the kids got a playground break.

 Sadly blue team won.

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