Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Single Bloom

It's Tuesday night and we just got back from Aden's first orchestra concert.  The kids did great!  I had flashbacks to when I played the cello in elementary school.  I even had a solo in Let it Snow!  I will show you the pictures and videos later.  Right now, I want to finish off last week so we can get to Charleston already!

Baseball time.  It was freezing again.  
I got a few decent action shots.  It helped that Aden actually made it one base a couple of times.  
 Getting some coaching from Mike.
 Run Aden!
 This was his second walk.

 Back to class.  Some outside playtime, which was cut short because of some workmen that showed up.
 Sammy was a surprise visitor.

 Like that graham cracker?
 Parachute time.  Noah gave it a try.  Eli not so much.
 Eli prefers to help pull.
 Noah lasted a little.
 Nate had fun!

 Now Sammy could get in on the fun.
 The best part of class.

My plant that blooms one flower every year or two.  

 Yum.  Ribs!

 They can entertain each other with anything.
 Good night!

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