Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ben Franklin Lives!

It's a very warm Thursday night and the ac is cranking.  I like it when it's warm but I didn't miss the ac.  It's so loud we can hardly hear the tv and it still doesn't feel very cool in here.  Amy is watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy behind me.  It's crazy.  Aden thinks we are bad parents because we make him come in before all his friends.  What can we say to him?  Why are his friends allowed to stay outside after 9 on a school night?  

Last week Ariel had her class trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences Museum in the city.  
 With her buddy Chloe.
 They were so excited to be on the bus.
 The bus driver took the longest way possible to get there.

 I remember these dioramas from when I was a kid.  They haven't changed.  In fact, there was an exhibit showing how they made them in the 1950's.

 Before we went in to see the butterflies, Ariel was all smiles.
 Who is scared of butterflies?

 Frog feeding time!

 A lesson for the kids.
 Ariel volunteered to help.

 Watch out!  There is a T-Rex on the loose!
 Here's a different type of museum.  Aden's grade put together a wax museum a famous people.  Aden was Ben Franklin.  Here he is trying on his costume.

Here is his tri-fold that my sister helped make.

It was a fun night.  All the kids did great with their presentations.
 Ben was also Ben Franklin.
 Aden wrote this mostly by himself.

 Some of Aden's friends.

 Have a great weekend!

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