Tuesday, September 29, 2020

2020 Season Finale

The debate is on now.  I can only watch a minute at a time then I need to turn it off for a while.  I think the whole world is crazy.  Speaking of which, Ariel and Aden started hybrid today.  They are in school Thursday and Friday, the other half of the kids are Monday and Tuesday.  So Ariel was home today but couldn't hear the teacher through her mask and over the kids talking in the classroom.  She really struggled.  There are rumors around that we will be starting 5 days a week in November!  Please!

Last Monday, there was a praying mantis on the door at work.  We have seen a ton of them this year.  
Back at football practice that night.  The sun was weird again.  
I went for a nice walk on the path.  
While the boys played.  

The frisbee ended up in the cactus.  Might be time to get rid of it.  
I guess I didn't take many pics on Tuesday.  I thought this was sad but true.  
That night, the kids played outside.  

Wednesday after work, I went to the gym.  All the new vans were there.  I found out the Secretary of Education was there for a program of some sort.  She seems pretty horrible.  

Back to the frisbees that night.  The one without the cactus spikes.  
Shipping Eli off.  
Aden and Ariel got to spend time with mommy and grandmom away from the twins!
Right Honey?


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