Monday, September 14, 2020

A Boy And His Kite

It's Monday night.  The weeks are starting to get crazy.  Multiple things with the kids every night.  Let's get back to the shore.  This will probably be my last big shore post for a while.  This was the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend.  It's a lot of people to get up and going when we have guests so it took us a while to get to the water park.
This guy runs it.  He's our buddy.  He was picking our brains for next years setup.  
Here we go!

Aden even got involved.  
Brandon jumping.  

Ariel and Ashley were everywhere.  

Jump Ashley!

Enjoying the cold water Aden?
Intense Ariel.
Big climb.
The view from the top.  
Eli slid down.  No jumping for him.  
I actually made a picture.  

I guess we will be back here next year when it's twice the size!
It was so nice out we actually went to the beach again.  Two days in a row!  Eli actually went with Steven.  I took Noah to stay with my parents then everyone else went to the beach.
Eli was determined to fly a kite.  
Brandon helped us get it up.  
From that point on, Eli never let it go!
He was obsessed.
Who would think a couple of 5 year olds could sit still for so long!
It was packed!  Such a beautiful day.  In the 70's and no humidity.  
We had lunch on the beach.  
Where is the kite Eli?
Oh there.  

It was hard to get pics with the boys and the kite at the same time.  
Buddies.  We will have to get them together over the winter.  They live in South Philly.  
This was my favorite pic of the day.  
Meanwhile, Noah was happy in the house.  
We were starting to get worried about school starting.  
That night we grilled.  
I will miss these nice outdoor dinners.  
We were silly late into the night.  
All the big kids were in the same room.  This is how Aden found Ariel when he went to bed.  


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