Sunday, September 13, 2020

Yearly Portrait

It's Sunday night and I just had my first successful meal from my new pellet smoker.  It was a lot of work but it may have been the best thing I ever cooked!  Super juicy and smokey and tasty chicken.  Next up, brisket!  We had a pretty busy weekend.  Sports have started again.  This will be our first full week of school coming up which leads us into the Jewish holidays already.  Back to last Saturday.

It was a cool morning!  The coolest all season!
Brandon went and got us doughnuts.  
Yes, he can cross his eyes.  

Beach time.  We finally took our annual beach photo.  

It was packed and an absolutely perfect beach day.  

Steven hung with the boys all day.  
There they are!  Nothing but trouble!

No idea what's going on here.  

Some more family pics.  Amy actually approved of the bathing suit shot.  She looks great!

Still being silly.  

I couldn't believe this summer season was coming to an end.  
Attack Steven's dad!
Off to the pool.  

The boys just started using this thing.  
It really was a nice day.  
Amy's favorite place in the whole world.  Lying on my parent's deck.
Back to play with Steve some more.  
Eli is always wet!
We ordered in dinner from Ventura's Offshore and ate outside.  


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