Thursday, September 17, 2020

9-11 Memorial

 It's Thursday night.  The house is pretty clean and quiet.  I'm looking forward to a hopefully relaxing weekend.  I've been back the gym more this week and I'm so sore.  The last 6 months I exercised in my basement without weights so it's hard to adjust back to using them.  These are from last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  

This is my every morning around 6.  
The boys were practicing their Spooky Hallway building.  Are we going to have Halloween this year?  

Ariel had cheer that night.  
Aden had his first flag football practice.  The schools aren't allowing anyone to use their fields this year so we are now at Memorial Park next to the 9-11 Memorial.  I had never been there before.  
Great to see my quarterback back in action!
While they played, I wandered around.  Look at these houses!
Nice playground.  
Here is the actual memorial.  A piece of the World Trade Center.  I was here on 9-9 which made me really think.  

It was beautiful.   
I sat for a while and contemplated. 
Sunset over practice.  
Dropping the boys off Thursday morning.  I want to go in there so bad!
This was Ariel during gym class!  Lol.  

Picking up the boys from Crazy Cars.  

How crazy can we be?
Practice again.  Ariel has 3 practices a week plus the football games where she cheers.  
Sky was looking ominous.  
Ariel went back to Dori's after practice.  I got her late. 
Friday, Ariel was back in school with her cheer bow on.  

At least 1 will pose.  
Changing the swings.  
The boys made these hats in school.  

Have a great weekend!


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