Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Storybook Land

It's Wednesday night and I'm watching a stream of emails between my neighbors.  Don't know if I mentioned it but they want to build a super Wawa at the end of our street.  I think it's a great idea but we have a vocal group that does not.  It got a little ugly tonight.  I think everyone needs to take a step back.

Here's something to lighten things up.  Lol.  

Back to last Wednesday.  Dori had slept over but she left early.  
The twins had been talking about Storybook Land for a year.  We finally got a chance to go.  
They were so excited and the masks didn't bother them.  We got there when it opened so it was pretty quiet.  
Our little piggies.  
First ride!

Eli chickened out on this one and the next.  

Finally he went on a ride.  Such a big talker.  Had been showing us pictures from here online and telling us how he was going on every ride.  
Yup, skipped this one too.  

Driving the old time cars.  

Sometimes they are cute.  

Phil and Phillis

Eli was the only one who wanted to play in the water, of course.  

A few more rides.  

It started to get crowded so we left.  It was a nice day.  


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