Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Noah Lost a Tooth

It's a beautiful and warm Wednesday night.  I'm working on this early for once.  I still have to pick Aden up from Hebrew school and take him to his football game.  Here is a big post from last Wednesday.  

Ariel went to Juliet's birthday party at 4.  This was a crazy night.  So many things going on.  Ariel was thrilled that Emil yw

More kids Ariel didn't know.  She gets shy sometimes.  

She wants to go to overnight camp with Emily next year.  

The pool was a little chilly but the hot tub was nice. 

Juliet turned 7.  Ariel will be 9 in 2 months!

Uh oh!  Noah lost a tooth!  The first for either twin.  

He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come.  Eli was terrified!  Asked us questions all night about her.  How will she get in.  What does she do?
Noah and Amy worked on this note to the tooth fairy.  
I ran Ariel to cheer.  
Ariel has her own stunt team now!

Then I ran to pick up Aden and Hebrew School.  They are doing the classes outside!
That weird sun you could stare at again.  
The neighbors were outside playing.  
Then Aden had a football game at 8:30!  
Joseph's new puppy was there.  Aden loved him.  

Aden looks tough here.  

It was another rough loss.  


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