Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Empty Gym

Here's a quick post for your Wednesday.  Today was the first day of school.  We had mixed results.  The twins did great in school for kindergarten.  They both said they had a great day!  Aden and Ariel started off pretty strong with the virtual learning but they both faded out by early afternoon.  This is going to be a long year for them.  BAck to last Monday and Tuesday.  
Ariel stayed at the shore when we came home on Saturday.  We found out the teachers that morning and we called her to tell her she got the teacher she wanted!
That afternoon Dani came to help.  He brother who is also 5 hung out for a bit.  

Tuesday morning, Dani's sister Rachel came to help.  Ariel had an ortho appointment and Aden needed to go to school to get his supplies.  
I went to the gym after work.  It was so quiet.  
It's really depressing.  
That night, the twins for their hair cuts.  

Looking good boys!

I met my friend Randy for a drink before dinner.  
The big boys playing on my driveway that night.  


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