Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Goodbye Breezy Point

We have a guest commentator for this post.  If anything doesn't sound like me, it's probably Ariel!  This is a post 12 years in the making.  We started at Breezy Point Day School when we moved to Holland from Center City.  We actually moved in the Spring and Aden was too young for Breezy Point so he went to Ohev Shalom for a few months.  But history was made that September.   

Last Monday morning, Eli was thinking about the last day of kindergarten.  
As we left to go to school, the HVAC people arrived to install a new air conditioner and furnace.  

This is our first picture at Breezy Point.  September 3, 2009.  Aden was almost 14 months old going into Mrs. Mette's class.  

This is 12 years later.  Our last day.  The chickens greeted us.  
I can't believe all the times I have driven kids to this school over 12 years and this was it.  
That night, it was time for graduation.  They usually did it at Bucks Community College, but this time is was at the school.  
This was the Facebook Post.  
The program.

Here come the graduates marching out of the school.  
Hey Eli!
Hey Noah!
It was a beautiful night.  

The proud families.  
The kids sang and danced to two songs.  Eli never got up from his chair!  Noah did a good job though.  
Diploma time.  First Eli.  
Then Noah.  
They had these cute pics on the table.  

Yay, they graduated!
Here is Aden with Mrs. Mette 12 years after that first picture!
Hi it's me Ariel and this is me doing what i like to do posing for the picture.
The boys wanted to show us their room, even though it was empty.  
All the kindergarteners-graduaters wanted to take a end of the year picture. (Ariel)
They served a nice dinner and everyone chatted.  

I think I will miss this place the most.  I was a lingerer all these years.  I wouldn't just drop off the kids.  I would hang in the back of the room for a while and watch them play and interact.  I loved doing that.  
the boys had a great teacher this year problie me and Amys favorite we are so sad to be leaving her. (Ariel)
Goodbye Breezy Point and thank you.  


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