Monday, June 28, 2021

Dropping Off the Bags

It's Monday night and we are finally getting pictures from Ariel's first day at camp.  She's smiling!  That's a huge relief!  Speaking of camp, last Saturday we came back from the shore because we had to bring Ariel's camp bags to the trucks so they could be brought up to camp.  It took both our cars to get her bags there!
She had her two and one of Aden's!  Such a small person needed a whole lot of stuff.  

The guy checking them in was a cute Australian.  I think Amy wants to go back to camp.  
We then went to Southampton Summer Day Camp to show the twins around.  
Eli wanted to climb the whole wall!

He couldn't wait to go on this playground.  

Another huge climbing wall.  
New obstacle course.  

Old playground.  

Sadly the arcade will be closed this year.  No indoor activities.  

We then went to the twin's baseball coach's house for a barbecue.  

The kids had fun.  Everyone in the pool!
The food was yummy.  
We all took turns diving.  Yes, even me,  

Uh oh, big storm coming!  We ran home.  
That night was Peyton's bar mitzvah.  We watched online.  
Then I took Aden to the party in Trenton.  Aden is not super social and did not know most of the kids but I have to give him credit.  He went and had fun!
Nice view over the Delaware River.  We went to dinner with coach Lynde and her husband.  Harvest was good.  Fiona ended up sleeping over.  Ariel had wanted a playdate with her forever.  


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