Monday, June 14, 2021

He Likes Cats?

It's a stormy Monday night and we have air conditioning and 2 kindergarten graduates!  We had a beautiful graduation ceremony at Breezy Point.  We are done after 11 years!  More on that later.  I have to finish this and watch the Sixers playoff game.  

Last Sunday we went to Arlene's in Ocean City for breakfast.  

A feast!
Then over to my parent's house.  
Someone is enjoying the summer.  
I took Eli to the beach to find Steven.  

They are so alike.  

Yes, that's a big crab!
We went to Jamaican Me Crazy and Eli pet a cat!  He won't go near dogs.  So weird.  

We drove home and met Melissa at Amy's parents house. 
I brought the pizza!
Yes, that's Honey swimming with the girls.  
Yum, pizza.  
Having fun Honey?
We celebrated Amy's birthday again.  

Another fun weekend.  


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