Monday, June 21, 2021

How Many Boys In One Room?

It's Monday night and it's about to thunderstorm.  It was a crazy hot and humid day and the boys first day of camp.  They seemed to have done well.   I couldn't have been running around outside today.  

Back to last Sunday.  The kids were up early.  
I bet one day they will have enough friends over to use all 6 beds in their room.  
Some water play outside while the moms got up.  

Sam really wants to drive the scooter.  

What's wrong Ariel?  

We picked up Hot Bagels.  Look at those ones on top!  Wow!
Then we got some food from the Dairy Bar.  
It was Ali's birthday that week so we got her a cake.  
Happy Birthday Ali!
They then left and Juliet came over.  
Hey girls.  
Over to the pool.  
What an amazing picture I took!

Lazy day.  
It was nice.  Not too hot.  
The girls wanted to go to Wawa, then I took Juliet home.  
Later that night, we drove home.  Ariel had the car sick glasses on!


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