Monday, June 28, 2021

Riding the Waverunner

It's Monday morning.  These are from a week ago Friday.  

Ariel, Eva and Gwen went on Amy's dad's waverunner!
Go girls!
They loved it.  
Beach time.  Loving the new cart.  Holds a full sized umbrella.  
Aden joined us!
Some shots of the boys.  

Baby Quinn came to visit us at the pool.  
What's going on in the background?  
Ariel has her real life doll.  
Big game of Uno.  

Eli played with Steven and his Sonic the Hedgehog dolls.  
They went a little crazy throwing things around outside.  
We drove home.  They started the construction on our bathroom.  It was cleared out and our bedroom was full of the new stuff.  How are we supposed to live like this?  
Heather decorated Ariel's camp dresser for her.  Cute!


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