Monday, June 7, 2021


What a hot day today!  We are lucky all three of the schools that our kids go to are air conditioned.  Back to last Saturday night.  Both our parents came over to sing happy birthday to Amy.  

And play some games.  
Later that night, I took Ariel to sleep at Sydney's house.  This girl has a better social life than us!
On Sunday, the rain did not stop.  
We decided to drop off the twins at my parent's house and take the older kids to the movies.  
Miserable day.  Cold too.  
We met Dave and Juliet at the Tilton Theater, which was recently redone.  It was very nice although it was weird to be at a theater at all.  I can't remember the last time we went to a theater.  We saw Cruella.  Thankfully we didn't bring the kids.  It was very adult but also very enjoyable.  
Ariel and Juliet tumbled through the lobby.  

Later that day, Ariel had a zoom meeting with the girls from her camp bunk.  One was right across the street from us!  We went outside and met her after we were done.  
Ariel was chatty.  Asked the girls a lot of questions.  
We went for ice cream.

It was chilly but ice cream is always good.
Later that night, I went in the tub by myself.  
Some precious quiet time!


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