Sunday, September 12, 2021

Annual Family Beach Photo

It's Sunday night.  Our first sad weekend not at the shore.  We have a full week coming up.  Hopefully it's not too much for the kids.  I have a ton of pictures from last Saturday.  

Little Steven came over early to play.  
We all went to playground.  

Aden actually played well with his siblings.  Probably because Lanie was there.  
He actually posed for a few pictures too!

Kids everywhere!
Aden was actually helpful too.  
It was a beautiful day.  In the 70s and sunny.  I decided it was time for our annual beach photo.  Lanie took the pictures for us.  

Then it was time to play in the water, which was pretty warm!

The kids played games.  

Hey Melissa!

Running for the ice cream man.  It was so crowded, the ice cream man couldn't move.  

Aden overdid it with the suntan lotion.  
Back in the water!

This is sweet.  

The twins loved Steven's digging machine.  
Pretty day.  
Ariel, Eva and I went for a long walk.  Eva even got a ride!
That night, Lanie's parents and Melissa came over and we had a barbecue.  

The grill is still working well after it flipped over in that big storm 2 years ago.  Steven did a great job fixing it.  

That's one thing to do with the tub top.  
Cute pic of the love birds!
We even got the fire going.  
We had a great time.  Lanie and her parents left late.  
The annual Longport fireworks!  We had no idea they were happening.  It was a surprise.  They were good and long!


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