Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Tornado Warning

It's Wednesday night.  We got back from the shore this afternoon.  We had a nice long weekend but sadly it's then end of the season for us.  I went for a run and ended up on the beach.  The sun was coming up over the ocean and it was so pretty I started crying!  I will reflect on the summer later.  

Back to last Tuesday.  Time to head off to school again.  

After school Tuesday, we went to pick up the kids.  
With Chloe and Izzy.  
Here they come!

Aden took the bus for the first time ever.  And it was quite the ride.  Took like an hour.  Then he had a long walk from the bus stop.  This was his reaction!  Said he would never take the bus again!
Homework time.  
That night, we had Ariel's back to school night.  Each of the kids made math clues about themselves.  Check out her age.  I don't think she's 18.
Aden had Mrs. Israel.  
Hurricane Ida was getting close.  
Wednesday morning, there was a turkey on the way to work.  School closed early because of the impending hurricane.  
Lanie came to hang with the kids.  
The storm didn't seem so bad at first but then we got an ominous warning.  

A tornado warning!  Take shelter now!
We all went in the basement.  

It was crazy outside.  
We were watching the news and they were following several real tornadoes right around us!

Lanie's dad came to get her in the middle of the storm.  He was crazy!
Things calmed down a little late.  
So we made brownies!
The kids will remember this one.  


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