Thursday, September 2, 2021

Eli on the Rollercoaster

Well that was pretty crazy last night.  Hurricane Ida came through and spawned a whole bunch of tornadoes and flooding.  I don't remember there ever being weather like that around here.  We wish everyone affected the best.  

Last Friday I could barely find Ariel on her bed!  She had her first cheer game that night and did not want to miss it.  I drove the three boys to the shore and Amy and Ariel stayed home.  
We got to the shore around 3.  Kylie came over and the 4 of us went to Ocean City.  The rides didn't open till 5 so we had to find other stuff to do.  
Mini golf!

Eli loves that splash pad.  

Nice view from the golf course.  
We had dinner at Mancos.  Yum.  
It was pretty quiet for a summer night.  
Nice cloud!
The rides were supposed to open at 5.  At 5:10, Eli tried to break in!
We only did a few rides.  
I can't believe Eli went on the roller coaster.  

They had fun.  
Amy sent a pic from the game.  
Later that night, Aden and Lanie went to Ocean City.  This was the view from the ferris wheel.  
Ocean City High School!  Have a great weekend!


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