Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Labor Day and Rosh Hashana

These are from last Monday.  Labor Day!  It actually seemed like a long summer.  I barely remember Memorial Day.  Just that it was rainy and we went to the arcade.  But this was it.  We usually have to rush home that day but the kids were off Tuesday and Wednesday for Rosh Hashana so we were staying.  

The boys got up early and wanted to do some art.  Eli came up with a plan to add a slide and steps to our front deck.  Amy told him to draw it so he could show a contractor.  He did a great job drawing it!  Now, Eli shows it to every person who comes to work on our house!
Noah did some drawing then back to the Legos.  
Eli then drew the swing ride from Storybook Land.  
This was Noah's.
He drew the drop tower.  
We then went to a very swampy playground.  

It was warmer than Saturday but still a very nice beach day.  And because we weren't running home, we got to enjoy it.  

Ocean time!
Melissa and I went out pretty deep with Ariel and Eva.  

I usually only get out deep in the ocean once a summer.  

Bill's sister was in visiting.  I hadn't seen her in years.  
She showed us some videos of the Grateful Dead show in Hershey.  I was jealous.  

Pool time.  

We had Rosh Hashana dinner at our house.  
We waited for the food to come from Casals.  It was supposed to be there around 5.  It came at 7:15!

It wasn't quite what we had ordered either.  Luckily my mom also made some food.  
L'Shana Tova!


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