Tuesday, September 7, 2021

First Day of School

Here's a big post from last Monday.  They were still trying to figure out the damage from Hurricane Ida.  
It was the first day of school, for everyone except Aden and Gwen.  Gwen came early to spend the day with Amy.  The kids all got up early and got ready then helped me make pancakes.  

Our annual first day picture!  So shocking the twins are in elementary school.  

The neighbors.  

We are so lucky our kids are walkers and they don't mind that we come with them the first day.  
There's Mrs. Gainsley!
Hope they have a good year with her!

Ariel was excited to see her friends.  

Everyone lined up.  
Ok boys!  Time to head in.  
We took Aden to New Hope for a bar mitzvah photo shoot.  
He really does not like to get his picture taken but he was a good sport.  

He says he wants to work on a train.  

These are the pics I took while he was getting the professional ones done.  I'm sure those will be way better than mine.  
We went to lunch at Havana.  
Jake came over to try on some of the twin's clothes.  So cute!
Ariel had cheer.  


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