Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Playing on the Rocks

It's Wednesday night.  I just covered the outside furniture just in time.  It started to rain!  Tomorrow is Yom Kippur so we are home.  I'm the only one fasting so I don't know how much I will accomplish.  Back to last Tuesday.  Ariel and I went for a ride on the scooter.  We stopped by to see Juliet's family.  
We then went back and picked up the boys.  I drove them to the end of the island.  We ran into my dad, Amy's parents and Aden on their bikes.  
The boys love playing on the rocks there.  
I had my good camera.  
I got some good pics.  

It was a pretty day.  

Nice house being built.  

We then went over to Ocean City.  No rides.  Just to have lunch and walk around.  
They wanted to play some games.  

We had lunch then looked for sweets.  
Water Ice!

Enjoying our last trip to Ocean City for a while.  
Meanwhile, Ariel was on the beach with Ashley and an old friend Julia.  
It was a quiet beach day.  
We went to the pool for a bit.  
Bye Steve and Diane!  They are great neighbors.  We will miss them.
That night we went back to the beach.  Rabbi Eric from our synagogue drove to Margate to hold a small Rosh Hashana service.  
There he is.  
We knew a bunch of the people there.  

That was nice!
Israeli snacks for the kids.  
The kids played on the playground before we headed home.  


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