Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Bensalem Turkey

It's Tuesday night.  Trying to get the twins in early.  It's nice and quiet once they are asleep.  It's almost like a mini vacation.  

Last Monday, I walked to kids to school.  You can see Noah and Eli and their giant backpacks.  
Coming home from school is also an adventure.  All the neighbors walk together.  
Ariel has been practicing her reading for the bar mitzvah.  
Lanie came for dinner.  

Eli insisted on starting the Halloween decorating even though we are in September.  

Tuesday night, Ariel had cheer outside.  

I walked around for exercise while they were practicing.  
Last Wednesday, I ran into the famous Bensalem turkey.  He's been on the national news!
Doing work on their chromebooks.  

Back to cheer.  

They did the routine for the parents.  
Ariel being silly.  

Ariel doing flips.


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