Monday, September 13, 2021

Eli Overcoming Fears

It's Monday night.  We just had the twin's back to school night.  Wow they are so different in abilities at this point.  They have to be able to read 47 words by the end of the year.  Noah can already ready 44 of them.  Eli about 3.  Oh well.  Back to last Sunday.  It was cloudy and cool so we picked up Dave and Juliet and we went to Storybook Land.  Eli had been talking about it for days.  He was determined to actually not be scared and go on a ride or 2!  
The kids did have fun of course.  The place is great.  

Dave took the kids on the drop tower.  Noah liked it.  Eli just watched this one.  

Eli rally wanted to be brave enough for the swing.  

There he is!  So proud of himself!

Funnel cake time.  
Eli wouldn't do the little drop tower either.  
He did though go on the roller coaster!
Another huge accomplishment!
Dave and I did it too.  

We went back to rest.  I took a walk to get food and went to check out the beach.  It was empty.  So windy and cold.  
The boys played with Steven.  
It was a quiet night.  
I wanted a quiet time in the tub but all the kids jumped in!
Honey would have gone in if we let her.  
Maybe I should get a tub at home.  


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