Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Dino Ribs

It's Wednesday night.  It was such a beautifully refreshing day.  Actually felt a little fall in the air.  We had Ariel's back to school night.  Her teacher was a hoot.  Back to last Wednesday.  I got up at 6am.  Trimmed up 2 racks of prime beef ribs.  That was a project in and of itself.  
Got all smokey.  
Here we go!  7 hours until time to wrap.  
Looking good a few hours in.  
So they were wrapped in butcher paper with some smoked wagyu tallow for another 3 hours then let to rest for an hour.  Then we got this!
I have been wanted to do this forever.  
Look at these ribs!  They were so good.  

Here's the second one.  It was an hour behind.  

Excuse me, I have to go hide with my rib.  
Ariel had cheer.  
Aden had flag football tryouts.  

Last Thursday, the boys got creative.  
We went to school to visit.  Of course they had hugs for Mrs. Gainsley.  
Noah loved his room.  Yes, the twins are separated for the first time ever.  Noah seems excited.  Eli isn't so sure.  

Ariel and Giulz.

Big 5th graders!
After that, we drove to the shore.  We dropped off Ariel to stay with Harper and Emily in Ventnor.  


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