Wednesday, May 31, 2023


Last Wednesday, of course Ariel was back on her bike.  
Then Thursday, we went to cheer.  Ariel got some help from coach Pat.  
Still working on tucks.  

That night, I took Ariel and the boys to the high school for STEAM night.  Science. Technology, Engineering. Art. Math.  We went last year and Dani was there to take us around and we had fun.  
Ariel saw friends right away.  

The cafeteria was filled with interactive science experiments.  
Ariel actually helped build this one.  
Eli working a claw machine.  
Noah drove robots.  

Cool drones.  

Ariel found Juliet.  
Eli drove some other robots.  

Time to shoot rockets!

To infinity and beyond!
This was an ADHD chair.  We will take 2 please!


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