Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye McDonald

Well what happened to those huge storms we were promised?  Besides about a half hour in the morning when it seemed the world might be coming to an end, it turned out to be a nice day!  Tomorrow is Aden's last day of the 4's at Breezy Point.  We don't think he understands.  Once he does, he will be so sad.  I'm kind of sad.  I really liked the kids and teachers.  It's always hard to start over.  Hopefully, he has a fun summer at camp which starts a week from Monday.

Back to graduation.  We met the family and Maura, who is part of the family, back at the house for a little celebration.  
My grandmother, Beverly and Sol.
We all gathered to watch the video my dad took of the ceremony.
Ariel and Aunt Issa just chillin'.
He got some great presents.  I'm currently helping him put together a huge Skylander castle.  More on that later.
Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.
Twizzlers for the baby.
Aden got this digging thing for the sand that you wear on your arm.  Ariel watched Aden put it on, then she tried it!
Aden told Maura she was his big sister.
It was Jake's birthday this week!  That leaves Aden and Duncan as the only 4 year olds in the class.
My grandmother's sister came for surprise visit.
Ariel made me a Father's Day present at class.
She was not thrilled about having the paint on her feet.

She was excited to give it to me.

It came out great!

The life.
My elementary school is going to be torn down soon.  They built a new one behind it.  There was an open house for everyone to have one last look.  I brought Aden with me.

I remember this place.
I ran into my old neighbor Jeff and his family.  We wandered the halls together.
The architecture is a little crazy.  It was four giant circles connect by hallways.  It was built when open spaces were the thing.  Many of the classes were open to each other.  There was no walls.  Eventually, they gave up on that and now there are walls.  Here is the library.
Amy's mom was a teacher here for over 30 years.  This was her room for much of it.

The planetarium!  It also had a pool.  
Here's Jeff and I.  It's amazing all that we remembered.
The new school!  It was built in the parking lot where my dad taught me to ride a bike!
That's the pool.
There is lots of green space between the circles.
I painted one of those ceiling tiles.  I would have snagged it if I could have found it.
The gym.
I was tried to explain to Aden what a cafeteria was.  
This is a cool article.  You can see the circles under construction.  1968 it was finished.

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