Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wild Ride

It's Sunday night, we just got back from the Shore.  Again my suitcase is next to my bed and will not be unpacked in order to be repacked until at least Thursday night!  It was a pretty busy weekend.  Adam and Brianna are back!  We still don't have a sitter and the beach was great!

We got down Friday and went to check out my parent's place.
 Aden watched the painter.
 Everywhere he went.
 Hey Ariel!
 The lucky boy got a ride!

 Aden asked for the picture to be taken.
 Walking the dogs.
 Hanging on the driveway.
 We met Greg, Jackie and Jacob at the Greenhouse for dinner.
 The food is questionable, besides the pizza, but it's close.
We ate lots of pizza.
Then of course it was time for the Dairy Bar.  The Friday entertainment is back!
Ariel enjoyed it.

The ice cream was good too!
 Burghy had a taste.
Hey Jules.
I got mommy's wallet.  Let's get out of here!

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