Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Want To Watch Too!!!

It's a quiet Tuesday night.  The kids are asleep and we are watching America's Got Talent.  I'm still looking for mine!  I wonder if the kids will have any.  

Did I mention that we drove to the Shore in the rain and Amy kept asking why we were going?  Well, this was it.  A beautiful beach day.  How could we miss it?
I guess everyone else could.  We were pretty much the only ones out there.  That's Aden again in the distance running right for the water.

 Amy had to chase him.
 The water is still freezing but he doesn't care.
 He wants to chase us around.

 We are excited he likes the water but we really have to keep an eye on him.
 Ice cream break.
 Ariel finally fell asleep after a lot of daddy pushing the stroller.  Sadly, it didn't last long.
 I had to explain to him that you have to let the ice cream sit for a while.  They use dry ice and it's way too cold to eat right away.
 There she is!
 Nope, still won't go near the sand.
 I will just watch from up here thanks.
 He buried his hand.
 Digging for crabs.
 Ariel is the shark.
 Get Aden!
 Our 60's chick!
 Little lady.
 Of course she has to copy Aden.  He's always watching movies in the car.  She tried to get the headphones on herself.
 After help from daddy, she was all set. 

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