Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hole In One

It's Friday!  Of course the Summer weeks always seem to go so much faster than the Winter weeks.  Here are some random shots.  Ariel seems so grown up at times.  She's done with the high chair and insists on sitting at the table, which has been a good influence on Aden.  He now sits at the table too instead of the island by himself.  She also needs to feed herself.
The kids in Aden's class all made these posters about themselves.

We were a little late in getting Aden's together.  
 He loved the way it came out.
 Some close ups of what Aden wrote.

 Some team coloring.
Strawberry Day at mommy and me.
 Ariel was attacking McKenzie with giant flowers.
 Look who is back from Israel, Maura!  The kids were so excited.
 Mini golf courses are getting harder to find.  But it was such a nice night, we had to find one.  We ended up at Spring Mill Country Club.
 That club looks a little big for you!

 It was funny watching Aden try and play and Ariel just throw the ball randomly.

 Hole in one!
 Oh, what's this, daddy's shaver.
 That's how she gets that smooth face!
 Last t-ball practice.  
 The game is Saturday.  If the weather is not so great at the shore, we might go to it.  
 Safe at first.
 Ariel took off.  Amy had to chase her down.

 A little post game wrestling.

 Aden got his trophy a little early.
 It was nice and heavy!
 Good night!

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