Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pile On Mark!!!

Another night of thunder and rain.  We had Aden's first hip hop class tonight!  He was tired from camp but we really wanted him to give it a try and he liked it!

Wednesday morning, Ariel left early for work.
 Enjoying some lemons!
 Giving uncle Mark a massage.
 We have trained her well!

 Everyone pile on!
 I have shown you the giant cactus we have out front, which actually has been blooming.  Well now we have a baby cactus in the back.  Very strange.
 Time for camp!
 Bye Aden!
 Making bubbles.
 PJ's and sandals.
 Music class.
 Bubbles everywhere.

 Back from camp Thursday.  
 Giant bubbles.

 It took a little convincing to get Aden to hip hop class at the NAC.  He thought he might be the only boy, but there were actually a few.
 Looking out at the new pool.
 Almost done!
 Big class.
 Ariel really wanted in.
 It was hard to take pics with the glass and light behind.

 The teach was good with the kids and had them doing moves right away.
 Breaking the stick was Aden's favorite.
 Stamps for all.
 Including Ariel.
 Show us your moves!
 Ariel drove the new tram.
 They got this to get people from the parking lots to the pool.  It's like being at Disney!

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