Sunday, June 9, 2013

Is That Lucy's Butt?

This weekend ended up way better than it started.  First, the weather was awful.  It poured all day Friday and a big chunk of Saturday.  Aden had some funky rash so we had to take him to the doctor who said it was some sort of contact reaction.  We can't figure out what it could have been.  Well today, we had a beautiful beach day and the rash is almost gone so alls well that ends well.  

Back to Friday.  You can tell when I let Aden bring his phone to school.
 On the way to Sammy's house!  Ariel was wearing Aden's old rain coat.  Didn't matter, we all still got wet.
 They really know each other well now.  Lots of kisses all around.
 Uh oh, Ariel took Sammy's Cheerios.  
 Much better.
 Jaxson knows his shapes!
 Even the boys like the wallets.
 Hugs and kisses!
 Thanks for having us over Ali!
 After the doctor Saturday morning, we drove to the Shore in the pouring rain with Amy asking me over and over to explain why we were going.  I assured her it would be worth it.
 Somebody was happy to be there.  Amy's parents did not come, neither did anyone else, our street was empty, so Ariel missed the dogs.  She looked everywhere for them.
 No Ariel, we are going out to dinner.
 Aden asked if the window in the back was Lucy's butt!
 We met Aden and Ellen at the new and improved Greenhouse.  What a difference.  I didn't recognize the place.  I'm not so sure about the dark wood and stone.  It's very nice, but maybe for a ski lodge, not a beach bar.
 Ariel liked the high tops.
 Hey Jackson, let's go play!
 Ariel kept wandering and found the ice they use for drinks.  For some reason, it was low enough to for her to reach in and help herself, which she did.  Oops.
 Hey baby Brie!  Almost 3 weeks old!  Ariel loves babies.
 She's awake!
 Time to run around.

 Jackson and Ariel had a screaming contest.  
 Adam and I with half the kids.
 Then is was time for ice cream...

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