Monday, June 17, 2013

The End!

Hey everyone.  Sorry for being a little late today.  Friday was Aden's last day of the 4's.  I still don't think he understands what that means.  He really had a great year and learned and grew so much.  We really love Breezy Point and look forward to Ariel starting in the Fall.
 The End!
 I'm sad because this is it for Reid.  He's the only one not coming back.  He's been Aden's buddy for 4 years.  
 Some fun stuff from the room.
 Their favorite songs.
 Jake's sister wrote this about him.  Precious!
Ariel getting a taste for what school will be like.

 Ariel had a busy day.  Jaxson, Sammy, Maddie and Caleb came to play.

 Maddie is just 1 and just walking.

 Where is the balloon Sam?
 The kids were everywhere and made quite a mess but had fun so it was worth it.
 Sam and Ariel always fight over the car.
 All the kids bouncing at once.

 The three buddies.
 I made the mistake of going to pick up Aden after school.  I couldn't stop crying!  First Aden wanted to show me all the stuff was put away.  Mrs. Meryl waits until the last day so the kids don't get upset.
 So sad.
 Aden made the memory wall!  Look at the heart.
 Mrs. Meryl kept giving Aden hugs.  She said she will really miss this class but wouldn't she alway say that?
 Saying goodbye to Reid made me cry again.  Reid was saying he wasn't going to see us anymore.  Again, I don't think Aden understood that.  

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