Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Princess Iron Man

Ariel's room was painted today!  We are going to get her furniture next week, then I will show you some before and after pics.

These aren't in order but I don't care.  Amy and I went to my high school reunion.  I'm not telling you the year because I don't want you to be in shock.  Speaking of shock, Amy's belly was a big hit!  It was at a club near my house.  It was a decent turnout and I saw a few people I wanted to see but I'm already caught up because of Facebook.  They did not have good food so we hit Warminster West Diner late.
Jack came to play on Saturday.
 They always play well together.
 Who are you laughing at?
 The boys hiding!
 I tried to keep them busy with different toys.
 But they always end up on the iPad?

 Everyone does.
I finally got around to building her princess car.
 Ariel went to a princess party for her buddy Ashley.
Amy took these pictures.  Aden and I didn't go.  
 So I don't have much to say.
 This place was in Langhorne.

 They did some crafts.

 Some singing too.

 What was Iron Man doing at the princess party?

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