Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Precious Millennium Falcon

It's Sunday night and it's like sleeting out there.  Yuck.  Was there an Eagles game today?  I'm guessing they won, so let's just move on.  We had a fun weekend.  We went to a charity function and won a pretty crazy prize.  More on that later.  Let's go back to last week.

For years, I have been hiding my childhood toys from Aden afraid of what he might do with them.  I decided he was finally ready for at least a peak.  He immediately grabbed one of my original transformers and wouldn't let it go!  Actually he was very gentle with everything.  It was the girl I should have been worried about!
 Here's just a taste.  Star Wars baby.
Tron, Battlestar Galactica, ET, Transformers among others.  I also have a bag with all my large action figures.  Batman and Robin, the Six Million Dollar Man and many more.
Dropping Ariel off at school, right to Dylan.
 So sweet!
 The one thing we will not miss about Breezy Point, once the twins have graduated, is the annual Thanksgiving project.  We have most of the them, I should take a group shot.  I think we cheated on Aden's last year, just used the one from the year before and changed the picture.  But I digress.  It was time again to work on Ariel's.  Bev came over to help.

 She's very creative.  Amy and I are all out of ideas already.
 We drew all our hands and cut them out to make tail feathers.

 This year's matserpiece!
 Good job Ariel!
 Well this was pretty funny.  I saw this hanging in Ariel's class.  They must have been told to cut out pictures from magazines to make their families.  First of all, Ariel totally nailed me!  I'm hot!  The strange thing was the Birdie.  It took me a moment to realize she must have told them about Melissa's dog Burghy and they misunderstood her!  They thought she said Birdie!  Funny.  
 Eva spent some time with Mark at work so I went for a visit.  The beer store is close to me.  
 She got right to work greeting all the customers.
 Welcome, can I help you find anything?
 Nothing like a cage of beer.
 Let me out!  Lol.

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