Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Superstar Aden

Aden started basketball tonight and really enjoyed it!  It was quite a scene.  Both kids had a bunch of friends there.  I will get to those pics later.  Anyway, let's finish off soccer.  After the game, they lined up for the medal ceremony.
 First a speech by the head guy, you remember, Amy's old teacher.
 Then each kid went up to get their medals.

 He was so excited.  He loves getting medals.
 Bev took these pics and totally loves them.
 You may have seen this on Facebook.  It got a lot of attention.

My big athlete!
 Such a cute bunch of boys.
Then we headed to Goodnoes for ice cream.  This is the place we always go after soccer and baseball.  There is a room that can contain all the kids!
 Aden's Godfather face.
 Ariel and Lilly.
 The boys being silly.

 Quick belly shot, don't tell Amy!
 I will miss being with everyone on a weekly basis till baseball!
 Joseph is waiting patiently for Ariel to break up with Dylan!

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