Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Coconuts and the Hammock

It's the Sunday night of a very productive weekend!  We got more done around the house in the past 2 days than we have probably in the last 3 years!  Nothing like impending twins to light the spark!  I will show you much of what we were up to tomorrow.  These are the leftover pictures from last weekend!  

My cool chick.
 Hanging at the Willow Grove Mall.
 Yummy meal at Bravo.
 I think we could have left them at the Apple store and sneaked off for a bit.  
 The last gasp of Halloween.  We had Adam and Ellen's party.  Since I gave up on the costume I had been putting together Amy brought home her bee costumes from school.
 There were some clever costumes.  
 My happy bee!
 Woody and Jesse!
 Where's Waldo?
 I still can't train Amy to put our heads at the top of the picture. There's our host Batman, I mean Adam.
 I liked their pumpkins.
Sunday morning, the first grade and their parents had an educational program at Shir Ami.  Rabbi Eric showed the kids a torah scroll and taught them all about it.  They cost about $75,000 each!
 They take a long time to write by hand.  
 The kids were asked to draw a picture showing what G-d might have done on the seventh day after creating the world.  Aden drew coconuts and a hammock.  Sounds good to me!

 Aden went up to present his.  Check out the video.
 It was actually a really nice time.
 That night Sammy came to play.  

 Everybody pile on Todd!
 That includes Aden!

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