Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Will Huff and Puff and Blow Your House Down

It's Thursday night.  Aden is working on his spelling sentences and studying for his test tomorrow.  We have his conference on Monday.  That should be interesting.  

Shopping in Princeton for Ariel's bedding.
 We didn't love anything at Pottery Barn Kids, at least for the girls.  The boys had all the super hero and Star Wars stuff.
 Ariel just needed a baby and a stroller.

 I'm ready to eat!  Speaking of eating, we shared a table at Bobby's Burger Palace with another family.  They had a 7 year old girl and twin boys under 2 years.  Amy asked how it was going with the twins.  She was completely exasperated!  This is going to be fun!
 Checking out Jason's massive car collection.
Someone is being a bad girl!  She actually got her step stool to get at the last of the Halloween candy.  She looked at me the whole time with that devilish grin.  

 It was way too cold this week.
 They look like they are ready to ski.  Speaking of which, Aden wants to try it this year.
 Craziness in Ariel's class.
 A picture of Ariel's class picture.
Need some advice.  My grandfather got these years ago.  They were panels from a very old carousel.  I think they would look cool in Ariel's new room.  They even match the colors.  Amy says the themes are too scary and that we shouldn't use them.  Any thoughts?

 Swim class!  I keep putting her in the same bathing suit because it's the only 2 piece one she has that fits her and it's way easier to take her to the bathroom.
 I was talking to Nicky's mom.  Ariel just went into the pool on her own.  That's her in the orange.

 Happy girl.
 Pick your duck.  Yes, the class never changes.
 Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

 She has been getting nervous about jumping in.

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